About Faculty

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Department of Mathematics is one of the oldest departments of Kharazmi University (Teacher Training University). This faculty consists of two departments: Department of Mathematics and Department of Computer Science. Currently, the Department of Mathematics consists of 9 professors, one associate professor, 17 assistant professors and one instructor. This department has 375 undergraduate students taking Bachelor Programme with the title of "Mathematics and Applications". Department of Computer Science consists of one professor and six assistant professors. This department has 151 students. Historically, until 1998, the department used to be one of the departments of the Faculty of Basic Sciences. It was at that time that the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Engineering was established. In 2006, the name of this faculty was changed into the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences and Computer. As for postgraduate programmes at the level of M.Sc. and Ph.D., the departments cover the following fields: Mathematical Analysis, Commutative Algebra, Group Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Numerical Analysis, Operations Research, and Cryptography. The Faculty has 145 M.Sc. Students and 60 Ph.D. students.

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